jfiskeHey there, here’s a bit about John Fiske (i.e. me.) I spent the first part of my life in universities in the UK, Australia and the US., ending up with the grandiose title of Professor Emeritus of Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Please be suitably impressed.

The second part of my life has been spent in and around antiques. My beloved wife, Lisa Freeman, and I started our antiques business, Fiske and Freeman, Fine and Early Antiques, nearly 25 years ago, and it’s still going strong (www.fiskeandfreeman.com)  For some 20 years I have been the editor of the New England Antiques Journal, and just to have something to do in my spare time, I am chair of the Ipswich Historical Commission, a member of the Architectural Preservation District Commission and of the Ipswich Museum. The past is always present for me.

Check out my most recent book, When Antiques Were New: English Furniture and Daily Life 1530-1700, and you’ll get a good sense of what antiques mean to me. It’s available on www.fiskeandfreeman.com.

Lisa and I live in Ipswich, Mass, with Rufus (golden retriever) and Oliver (Maine coon cat.) Ipswich is one of the earliest towns in the state (coincidentally, my mother’s side of the family comes from Ipswich, England.) My family is from East Anglia, the part of England invaded and settled by the Vikings (“Fiske” still means “fisherman” in Norwegian) and also the region from which came many of the passengers on the Mayflower.

Thanks for visiting my blog: I hope you’ll find something to interest and entertain you. I enjoy writing for you, so please keep coming back and reading me.

John Fiske

jfiske39@gmail.com or info@fiskeandfreeman.com